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Sometimes we can all use a little outside perspective into the forces and paths in our lives. Branwen is offering intuitive oracle readings.

With over a decade of experience in public & private ritual, divination, a life long pursuit of esoteric symbolism and a goblin witch flavor of devotion, she sees the cards as a language to communicate with the energies and powers that are inherent in ourselves and the world around us.

All sessions are online and virtual, a link will be sent directly to your inbox.

Follow the link below to book a reading:

Book a Reading with Branwen!

If you have any questions please feel free to email: theprimalheart@gmail.com

Current Offerings

30 minute Session – $75
This is a virtual distanced Oracle session where you can ask about a general area you would like to seek guidance on, a specific question, or just a glance at what lays ahead.

60 minute Session – $115
This is a distanced virtual Oracle session where you can get specific questions answered, a deeper look at areas you would like guidance on, a general overlook at the year ahead, or other questions you might have.

Digital Goblin Eye Oracle Packet – $45
Have a question but want to remain full hermit mode and not have to speak face to face? The Digital Goblin Eye Oracle Packet has you covered. Send in your question and Branwen will complete a spread, photograph the cards and write up the guidance she sees in a pdf format for you to read and reference at your leisure. There is no virtual session for this option.

If you would like to know about other offerings in the future, and receive Branwen’s Dark Moon Daily Oracle (which runs from the Dark Moon in Oct. to the Dark Moon in Nov.) you can sign up for her free Primal Heart Newsletter!