All things that glitter…


Edit for ignorance:  Tim Maki from Black Heart Metal has kindly corrected me in a case of misidentify. The work that is featured here is not his work, but that of  Robin Grattidge with Acts of Piracy.  Somehow I had kept the wrong business card with my skulls over the years, thus now putting us in this embarrassing place. Many thanks for clearing up my faux pau, and I think it certaintly warrants people to continue to check out Black Heart Metal’s fine wares! 

I am an unabashed jewelry hound. Good jewelry will make an outfit. And like most things in my life I like my jewelry to be on the unique sideof things. Unique and big. Imean really if I’m going to bother to wear jewelry it might as well be something you notice, and generally speaking the tiny little delicate modern day jewelry sold at Macy’s and JC Penny’s just gets lost on me. So when I find something I like, and somewhere I like I become a loyal customer.

The above piece is by and far one of my most prized possession, and the culmination of a few years work lol. Approximately five years ago the Lumberjack and I went to the First Annual Nor Cal Pirates Festival, had a blast and it was there that I found what I now refer to as My Smithy. The vendor is Robin Grattidge of Acts of Piracy (sadly there is no web store, but you can view pictures of his work on his FB here) and it was there I found my first raven skull in brass. I LOVE brass. By far my favorite metal to wear, have and own. I tried for a long time to be a silver and emerald gal but really at the soul of the matter I’m a brass and ruby. Anyways I bought it on the spot, having never seen such a great piece before. My Smithy told me then he was working on a wolf skull, which set my little heart a flutter and ensured my return the next year. Well didn’t actually go the next year but I went the year after, and lo there he was and lo there was my wolf skull bigger and better than imagined! The possibilities quickly manifested in my mind and I hungrily bought up the wolf and another raven and affixed them in the manner you see now. When not being worn the whole assemble sits regally on my Morrighan candle.

Last year we also did not make it out to the Pirate Fest. But this year we did, and I was hoping for something equally epic to add to my collection. I didn’t find any ready wear jewelry but I am very happy with the pieces that I did get.

Aren’t they fabulous!! A freakin’ boars head and an amazing skull!! As soon as I saw the boar’s head I knew I had to have him. I mean seriously how many brass boar’s heads do you find out in the world? Not many. And my Smithy gave me some useful hints on how to drill and tap him to make him into a pendant. I’m thinking some big red jasper beads, maybe some hawthorn beads, and more brass and it will make the most wicked Dagda necklace.

As for my new little skull friend, I just cannot get over how grand he is. I’ve yet to find his name but in the mean time he shall sit jolly on my altar glittering in the candle light.




  1. Uh… I almost hate to say this, considering this IS a plug for my business, but we at BlackHeart Metals didn’t make that. That was made by a gentleman (he’d kill me for saying that…) named Robin Grattidge, and his business is called Acts of Piracy. We weren’t even at NorCal Pirate last year. Robin does some very cool work, however.

    1. Well egg on my face! I had the business card with the skulls and didn’t think twice about it. Thank you very much for clearing this up and will make the edits needed. And if you are at the NorCal pirate fest this year I’ll be sure to look you all up! 🙂 Thanks again, I do appreciate it.

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