The Luxury of the Ancients

 “Except the vine, there is no plant which bears fruit as of great importance as the olive” – Pliny

Oil. The wonderfully lush thing that Homer so perfectly called “Liquid gold”. I have a confession to make, I’m in love with the stuff. I like most my red blooded American brethren knew that it was a tasty thing to have in the kitchen. At a fairly ripe age my father introduced me to the insane delight that is a good loaf of bread, Extra Virgin olive oil, and a fine balsamic vinegar.It makes for a damn fine salad dressing, and help cut down the bacon grease and butter from my diet (yes I do have a jar of bacon grease in my fridge that I still use regularly what of it?). Later I learned of its magical ability to take the sticky off things once you peeled a label, or get gum out of anything.

Now I use oil on a daily glorious basis, and I can truly say without smartassery that is has made my life better.

Confession number 2 (Aka how my love affair with oil started): I don’t wash my face with soap.

Shocking. I mean that makes me little more than a leper, right?! A pariah on society?! Wrongo.

I, like most people I know, suffered from acne as a teenager that doggedly decided to follow me into adulthood. It was my sad lot in life to not have nice silky skin, but it wasn’t bad enough to put me on some sort of chemical compound or give into those god awful teeny bopper Pro Active commercials. So I suffered in silence. Occasionally trying this and that and always with FAIL. Then I was introduced to Etsy (a dangerous site) and stumbled across a lovely little shop called The Anderson Soap Company, they make DELICIOUS soaps all by hand. They also happen to have a line of Olive Oil soap bars (you see where this is going). So I bought some, and immediately started to see a difference in my skin. Less blemishes, less breakouts. MIRACLE! I’m now convinced that there is just something in processed soaps that my skin just does not like.

Confession 3 (Pure Oil baby! or yes I read “Mom” blogs and I’m not a mom): Don’t judge me. It just so happens that a lot of stay at home moms that blog, are exploring and interested in the type of living that I’m interested in. Frugal (on some things), simple, and have AMAZING recipes. On one such day that I was perusing thru the blogosphere I happened upon this little gem of a post, How to clean your face naturally. It is a great article that goes into the whys, hows, and what not’s of not using soap. But the part that stuck out to me and made me go “Oh what the hell”:

When skin’s natural oils are removed, the body’s reaction is to compensate by producing more oil, much like shampoo does with our hair

I had an apostrophe! Lighting struck my brain! My oily ass skin was because of how much I was washing it. All those treatments and washes to take the oil away that leave the skin feeling peeled and pinched and stretched, could they be the culprit? So I stopped washing my face with soap. The lovely little article says to use a mixture of Olive oil and castor oil. But that was a lot of work and I’m an impatient person and wanted to try this out now. So I used what I had on hand, peanut oil (I’m a cheapskate ok?).

I instantly loved it. It was like getting a facial, my skin felt gloriously smooth. Washing my face was no longer a chore, it was a treat. And it remains so to this day. My skin has improved greatly, I’m much happier to not have to buy as much concealer. Now I use it to wash my face, have given up on lotions completely (a full body oiling after showers means no dry skin for me.), have started the divine process of oiling my hair to give it extra oomph (and in general feel like a wealthy roman).

And because I believe in making the mundane as spiritual as possible, and because it’s just common sense to add things to your oils to help you on your way, making up my facial oil has become one of my favorite things to do.

If you’re reading this blog you are probably aware that we had a wonderfully powerful full moon on the same day as a solar eclipse. Perfect time to make facial oil (especially since my old rosemary oil was pretty much gone). So I lit up my altar, got my supplies and set to work. For me personally I use Peanut oil as the majority not Olive Oil and Castor oil mix. Mainly because it’s cheaper and I’m not allergic to peanuts so no reason not to. I was going more for a summer heart theme this time, some beauty and passion. So I added some Orange sweet essential oil, mandarin red, 3 garnets, and rose petals. Prayed and sung over it. Set it out on the windows sill under that brilliant fully moon and let it soak up the energy.


The next morning I was greeted with the lovely sight. Pay no mind to the other things, some other full moon magics going on. I’m really happy with this blend. Smells oh so divine and make me smile every time I put it on. Oils are one of those things that I’m just loving more and more. Go on, give it a try. Once you feel like a wealthy Roman you won’t want to feel any other way 😉



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