A Birthday Feast

Birthday isn’t really a very pretty word is it? It just kind of plunks off the tongue. I mean it’s descriptive, gets the job  done in a utilitarian kinda of way, but overall it lacks poetry. Especially when it’s coupled with such a word as Feast. But I’m getting completely off track here. On to the feast!


There is something completely satisfying about having all the food out on the table at your disposal. I don’t know what it is but it’s divine. In any event, yesterday was my beloved friend The Temple witch‘s birthday, and being the witchy, food loving, decadent people that we are, we have a breakfast/brunch feast in her and her gods honor. I whipped up some delightful Lemon Blueberry Pancakes, highly recommend those to everyone. Made a little altar to her patroness Hera, and we ate said prayers, had tarot readings, painted our nails and in general enjoyed ourselves well.

I do believe I will be having Feasts for all of my friends birthdays that wish to have them, it’s kinda amazingly awesome.



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