The Candle Issue

I have a candle issue. Namely that candles inexplicably melt with the fiery fervor of a thousand suns. Ok maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but the fact remains that at certain a certain someone’s candle will burn just fine for days, weeks even and then suddenly with the bat of an eye have a melt down.

The candle issue 1

The fact that the someone’s who candle this has happened to (twice with COMPLETELY different styles of candles) is the Morrighan, makes me raise an eye brow.

The time before this purple waterfall, was during a particularly stressful time (i.e. some crazy shit was going down) and the fact that the wax emerged several of my warding charms lead me to believe it was time to batten down the hatches so to speak. That was done with due diligence and I believe for the better of at least my sanity.

This time tho it happened during a fairly tranquil time. Actually during a celebratory feast for my friend. Granted this little spill is not nearly as epic as the one before, but still, it at least makes me pause.
The candle issue 4

The pattern in which the wax fell was graceful, it didn’t touch the amulet that was hanging from the candle holder, no small feat. And except for a small splattering on the mirror and on the Dagda’s club, nothing else was covered.   I got no immediate energetic warnings off it upon discovery or clean up. So I file it under one of those interesting things to keep in mind, and maybe hurry out to find another candle. Maybe something in red this time. Anybody else have candles just liquefy on them spontaneously?
The candle solution


Hail to the Morrighan, Great Queen of Phantom sight. 
Hail to she of rightful sovereignty and watcher of the night
Honor to her who choses the victor of battle, who says who lives and dies 
Washer at the ford, Battle Raven, Prophet, Warrior, Queen


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