Seaside Offerings

I believe that I have stated before that offerings make up a fairly large portion of my personal practice. It’s just satisfying to me, it really makes me feel connected. It’s a process you see. First it’s the idea: either researching or just sorta figuring, what would make an appropriate offering. Then it’s the gathering, getting all the pieces together. Making, cooking and combining the things, putting your love, your soul into it. And then there’s the climatic release of giving it. It’s just all around good shit.

For this trip to the seaside I prepared for my Great Queen, chicken livers in pomegranate dragon fruit liqueur, with rose petals, mugwort and rosemary. I cannot tell you how delightful it was to see those plump livers in a delicious liqueur. I’m not a huge liver fan, nor a raw meat eater but it was awfully tempting.


The day started out good and overcast, found a LOVELY little fire pit by the cliffs just where the rocks started, where a present awaited us. A present in the form of part of a wing and random bones. I tucked them safely in my Tupperware and fully intend to give them a good home in my bone pile. Many a vulture feather was found. Lots of food was eaten, gods were toasted with whiskey. By the time it came to lay out the offerings, the day had turned bright, sunny and full of summer glory.

Look at that sky! Look at that sea! It was too beautiful. I loving poured out my livers on this perfect rock that I climbed up. Sang my songs, said my prayers. Poured The Good God’s beer over the whole lot (it all smelled sooo good) and then merrily left it all for the Brothers Corvid, Gulls, and other beasts.

And then to the sea! Ale for the Son of the Sea! Completely drenched, flinging water, almost losing skirts, divinely soaked by the sea. It was SOOOO good. No sooner do we come back to our divine little fire pit, Hark! What’s that my ears do hear and makes my Celtic heart go pitter patter?

Bagpipes. My hand to the Gods, no fucking joke. A Bagpiper starts playing. I could not make this shit up. I can’t help but think certain someones were pleased. He played (and well) a few songs and then packed up and left. It was surreal.

Besides being throughly restorative to my emotional and spiritual self, this trip was also a bit of an expedition for supplies. I’ve been courting this beach for about 5 months now. Leaving offerings, getting to know the local spirits (there is an AMAZING willow glen, not to mention my buds the Brother Corvids), just in general letting the place get to know me and I it. It just seems like bad manners to me to go to a place and take things for your practice or witchcraft without getting to know it first. What if the place is not amenable to such things? What if it would just rather be left the fuck alone?   So I came today thinking that maybe today I’d collect some of the brittle rock shards from the cliffs. When we showed up and there were bones and feathers abound it was pretty obvious to me that the beach enjoyed our visits and attention and would be alright with me collecting (with proper payment of course).

These rocks break and crumble just with the pressure of the fingers. They are going to be PERFECT for my Boundary dust.

All and all internet-land, today was one of those days that just makes me go “I LOVE my life.”
May you all have the same 🙂



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