Swap Meet Score!

We go to swap meets and thrift stores regularly. The Lumberjack collects cult/horror VHS, retro video games, retro toys ( amongst other things) so the swap meet is one of his favorite places. I don’t usually pick up a whole lot since I’m tight on space, so it has to be really super good (and the right price) for me to buy. But today, today was my day.

First I had my eye on this antique sewing box. One of the wooden ones that has the side stepped-compartments and what not. I like them and it would have been handy, needed a little bit of work but not bad. Lady wanted 10 bucks for it which was what I had said I wanted to pay but still…just didn’t feel right.

Then there was this nick-nak place, lots of brass and metals (that’s what I look for). They had a nice silver bowl big and deep with stag heads (but I didn’t know where to put it) and various other odds and ends that were nice. Wants 20 bucks for all that I wanted (which was like 4 items). Again tho…just felt not perfect.

Next came these two odd little metal toys? a miniature guillotine and catapult. The catapult actually flings! Heavy both made out of metal, never seen anything like it. 10 bucks. Sold!

And last, pièce de résistance, a two handed 4 foot board sword. Wooden handle, brass hilt and pommel. BEAUTIFUL and $35 dollars.

Mine. Mine. Mine.





I am a very happy girl 🙂




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