Little Epic to tide you over.

Alright, I have like three blog posts that I haven’t finished and photos to upload and all manner of shit to talk about. 4th of July being an American Witch’s Sabbat, the botanical garden, Cleansing, etc.  But I have no time! Crazy town.

Anyways just so I don’t feel too bad about not getting around to that. I give you one of my favorite videos ever to watch. Never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Yes I am a Supernatural Fan girl. Yes I am on Team Dean. Yes Jensen Ackles is my hero. Because Jensen Ackles is Epic.





    1. I know it certainly makes mine 😉 Seriously if I’m having a bad day, it just takes one little viewing of this and instant smiley face. Sad? Maybe. Effective? For sure.

  1. Oh…. oh I LOVE this…. and I love that you keep throwing it back into my world.

    Seriously Epic.

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