Preparation for Releasing Primal Summer

Actual original content! Shocking!

I don’t know if I mentioned it here, or elsewhere, or only in my head. But I’ve been feeling very….caged in since last Samhain. In general I live with a certain amount of feeling disconnected to this world, and this life, which sometimes leads to a restlessness that really has nowhere to go. These bouts of pent-up energy can usually be alleviate by a roadtrip, heavy physical exertion where pain is felt, or massive daydreaming.

But this time, this time has been different. FAR more intense, days where I am climbing the walls are more frequent, slipping far too often into that not present trance state. Dreams, omg so many freaking crazy dreams. Energetic overflow! Senses going hey-wire (light is too bright, smells everywhere). All the while just a tense coiled anticipation. Really something has to give or madness will ensue. And due to life circumstances I haven’t really gotten the chance or ability to just get away for a while. No camping trips, no hiking up a mountain, no roadtrip. I’m sure that hasn’t helped things.

So what to do? Well opportunities present themselves if we let them. My coven is going on a retreat on a large sprawl of land, it’s a time for us to bond as a coven and unwind. It’s also the prefect time for some intense trance work. Trance work is the term that is most used in the community that I’m a part of now, I never had a real “label” for it before. It was work that was done in the Otherworld, be it for information (usually), for connecting and offering to spirits (often), or what I have in mind now. Which is opening the spiritual doors of the mind and soul and letting go for an aloted amount of time.

People generally get freaked out when I say that. Everyone seems to have real issues with “letting go” or the idea of crossing over with the intention of only coming half way back. Since this is my blog and I can pontificate without interruption let me go into why I find this incredibly helpful.

Society places a lot of restrictions and boundaries on the human soul. All of these restrictions and such aren’t bad (some of them are but that’s another matter) and it allows us all to coexist with at least some understanding of each other. Some souls find these boundaries easily acceptable and never really feel the pressure of them upon their existence. But some, some have a rather hard time. Now a person can find a way to cope with that within what is acceptable by society (a job that allows them an outlet, artwork, other forms of rebellious expression for whatever they feel is caged in) or they can become unbalanced people that break with society.  Obviously this is just my weird little world view of things and like anything doesn’t apply in absolutes. As I mentioned above there are several ways that I handle myself when I feel caged in by the parameters that this world requires me. But there is another world. One without the same restrictions and boundaries, one that in fact encourages my soul to express itself in whatever manner it sees fit. I’m not saying that it’s not dangerous to go on over to the Otherworld and fling wide the doors of you mind and let out the beast inside. It is. I’m sure there are plenty of traditions that prohibit such things. But I’m not on that path, in fact I’m bonded in service and life to a Goddess who’s message and task to me is to welcome that primal energy and help those that need to be reunited with it, do so.

So the planning and plotting began. I called over my cohort in crime, Temple Witch, who is always eager to egg on my barbarian plots with satisfaction, and we concocted the libation of Primal Summer. It will act as the offering and allow for easier transition from one world to the next. For me, alcohol is the method of choice for really making those connections strong and easily crossed. I don’t drink often, so it never takes much, and I don’t like to over indulge so it’s a safe method for me.

We chose Brandy as our carry liquid and then gathered the ingredients of late summer (or what spoke as last of summer to us). Blueberries, blackberries, plums, mint, and some pomegranate seeds. To that we added honey, and mugwort. Before beginning we laid out an offering of all the ingredients we were using to our guardian spirits and gods.

Then the fun began. First of all there is an energy of decadence that comes with any magic that I embark on with Temple Witch. My normal standard is fairly organic and nitty gritty, so I would have been making this libation using my fingers and getting it all over me in any event. But she adds a certain…air to the whole affair. I don’t even really know how to describe it. It’s easy to forget that we’re in jeans and t-shirts, and not silks. That we in fact haven’t just come from the roman bath, and weren’t dressed with oils and our hair arranged by our handmaidens. Seriously hang out with Temple Witch and these are the visions that you get.

Needless to say there was a LOT of good times had. Lush red juice everywhere, intoxicating smells, it was just really the best way to set up for the kind of thing that we are trying to make happen.

I have no idea what the original intention of the bowl of above was made for, but to me it is the perfect tool for brews of this nature. We took our time, lit incense, really laid some love into. Put  a lot of mugwort in it lol and in the end it was the most seductive shade of red.

Look at that. It just screams running bare foot and wild in the woods. Brambles and leaves stuck in your hair, free jumping off a rock into a crystal pool. Eating freshly killed roasted meat over a bonfire, sleeping under the stars. Everything a girl could ask for. All of the tucked safely under my underworld altar, waiting…just waiting to be released.

Needless to say, I’m DYING for this retreat to happen.

There is still much witchery to do to prepare tho. This bad boy has to get decanted and probably add some more honey to it. Other odds and ends have to get made to ensure safe passage to and from. But overall I just can’t wait. Hopefully I come back a calmer more whole person lol.



  1. Oh! Go on, say more lovely things about me… 😉

    This is going to be so great! Don’t forget, we get to eat the fruit when we decant it! Barely a week left… I can’t wait.

  2. Well, my little bowl of local raspberries that I was so damn proud of just got put back in the fridge. With so many wonderfully ambitious and talented people to “borrow” ideas from, I don’t think I’ll ever have a simple ritual again. Anyone seeking resolution to restlessness, and clarity from over-active dreaming is after my own heart.

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