The Deep Cleanse

cleanse 027

I trample upon the eye
As tramples the swan upon the water
As tramples the horse upon the plains
As tramples the cow upon the field
As trampled the host of the elements,

Power of wind I have over it
Power of wrath I have over it
Power of fire I have over it
Power of storms I have over it
Power of the heavens
And of the worlds I have over it

In the name of the Three Realms
In the name of the Sacred Ones
In the name of all the Secret Ones
And of the Powers together

– adapted from the Carmina Gadelica Vol. 2 Exorcism of the Eye

A lot of shit has been flying around lately. I mean A LOT of smelly-bad-I-don’t-want it-anywhere-near-me-shit. Cars breaking down, in extreme and unfixable by the Lumberjack ways, undue stress and general douche baggery at the Lumberjacks work,  Comcast shenanigans trying to take money that isn’t theirs, Banks being asshats, general roadblocks each and every way we turn. And I will not stand for it! I don’t know if there is some crazy astral shite-storm going on in my world now, or something has turned a bad eye my way. But whatever it is there will be no more of it. Not in this house. Time to Cleanse (that’s with a fucking Capital C).

While the Lumberjack tried valiantly to get the car running, I set about Cleansing the house. This worked two fold, it allowed me to focus my stress and anger into meticulously cleansing my house literally and spiritually thus not having an emotional breakdown and it ensures that is there is some sort of nasty hanging about it sure as hell won’t be for long. I’ve heard that some people don’t consider cleaning a magical discipline or something like that.  Bull shit. The whole process is Alchemy and Magic. I take a container, throw in some water, a few other key ingredients and viola I have a substance that will get rid of dirt and germs. I add my own muscle power behind that and bam, I can transform a house. For this Cleanse in particular: we have water (with a little of the Bride’s Blessed Well Water), rosemary, basil, mint, 3 drops of Juniper oil, 3 drops of Mandrin Red, and 1/3 a cup of vinegar, + a squirt of dishsoap. Give it a good stir with my Phantom Quartz point and a few prayers. Let the games begin.

I started in the kitchen (it is always the dirtiest) and I scrubbed. I took everything off the counters and washed them all down. Took my cutting boards and oiled them, let them dry in the sun. Scrubbed the stove. Washed the Fridge, washed the mico, wash the sink, the doors, the doorway, the light switches. The WHOLE nine yards. Then end it all with a mop. Please note that I had to make my own mop for this but damnit I DID.

Next the altar room. Vaccum, wipe down all the surfaces, wash the windows (I always forget the windows. Don’t be like me, don’t forget to wash your windows. Windows are the most direct portal of your house. They collect grim and energetic muck that your wards have filtered out. Keep them clean and clear for the good prosperity you want to be able to come in). Then the altar. Take it all apart, wipe it all down, oil the dressing table. Put it all back together.

cleanse 001

I already feel better. Light the candles, say the prayers.

Move on to the living room. Same treatment. Everything gets cleaned. The couches, the electronics. Everything. My eyes become super attuned to noticing things that I don’t on a daily basis. How dirty around the door handle has gotten. That smear on the wall, a splash of coffee on the floor. Hyper drive, we get it all. Somewhere in the mix I start singing. Some nameless wordless song, it helps to calm the mind. No more thoughts about the car, no more thoughts about the money and how it’s all going to work. Just the song, and the work, this is my house, this is my home. Cleanse, make room for peace. Cleanse, make room for wealth. Cleanse, make room for growth.

Again we top it off with mopping and move on. Fall into the motions. Fall into the spell. We end in the bedroom. Put clean crisp linens on the bed. Spray it down with a sweet smelling water. Vacuum, clear off the clutter from the bed tables. Let there be peace, love and hope.
cleanse 014

Now to dispose of the ick.

cleanse 021

Look at that mop. I’m quite proud of that mop. DIY for the win! Took all the yucky water and brought it out to the crossroads and poured it out. No following me back home thank you. By now that sun has pretty much set. Our work is almost complete. Time to fill the space we just cleansed with some magic and good energy.
For that we have a specially made incense. Ever candle lit, offerings set out, let the smoke fill the house. (at this point I realize that I’m in desperate need of a blessing oil. LOTS of protection oils, but a wealth, health and happiness? Not so much don’t know what that says about me but oh well,)

cleanse 025

I will not lay down with evil
Nor shall evil lay down with me
But I will lay down with my Love
And my Love lay down with me

Dagda, Morrighan and Manannan kindly,
And the strength of the nine waves,
Be shielding me as Three and as One,
From the brow of our face, to the edge of our soles.

I beseech Ruadh Rofhessa, I beseech The Morrígu,
I beseech Manannan Mac Lir, I beseech Anu,
I beseech trustful spirits without names,
To preserve us from hurt and harm
O’ from this night till all the days of our lives.

– adapted from the Carmina Gadelica Vol. 1  

And that’s it my friends. The house feels…so much better. I feel better. I think we still have some work to do, mainly on the cars and the Lumberjacks stuff. Maybe a deep personal cleansing on myself, but I’m holding off on that to see if the Release this weekend fixes that.

Long post I know. Probably boring. I’m realizing that a lot of my posts are about cleaning and cleansing. But that seems to be the main aspects of things lately. Maybe something more interesting will come along soon.



  1. I very much like your adaptation from Carmichael. I’ve been thinking of a similar kind of post concerning housecleaning / soulcleaning, so would you mind if I cite yours when I get around to it?

    Also, I’m diggin’ the mop. Is that an old sweat-shirt that’s been sliced up and cinched on?

    1. Certainly, cite away! The Carmichael is chalk full of good stuff. The mop was actually an old towel that had seen better days. Just ripped it into strips and used some zipties on a pole lol.

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