My country is in the middle of a storm. Situations and bad leadership that has been going on for years is finally cracking. I’m not surprised that I’m currently living in one of the epicenters of this maelstrom. If you haven’t heard, or seen the coverage on the brutal attack of the Occupy Oakland Protesters, then I suggest you get on google and look it up. I had been watching this Occupy movement with interest, passion, pride, and deliberation. It was easy to see that it was a movement born out of the prolonged frustration of the American people at their government for allowing Corporations to put their wants above the people’s needs. Last night I sat at my altar,  deliberated and prayed. I sat there for as long as I needed to, well into the night. Listening, seeing, working. At this point that’s really all I can say on the matter. The future is going to be a struggle. A struggle to reclaim our government for ourselves. May we prove successful and prosper.



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