Carving out more Worship

by Manara

by Manara

A new year sits in front of me. Filled with new challenges, new adventures, continuing duties. Slight changes, the whole nine yards. Yet I know I have to carve more time out for worship. I have to untangle from that ball of string, cords, and leather, the ability to just sit in sacred space with my gods, with the ancestors, with the spirits of land. Just sit, to honor and give to them without some big spell, or want, or design. Just to be there and acknowledge one another.

It’s funny the reaction that one can get from the simple use of a word. A word like “worship” is such a loaded word. Especially in the Pagan/Witchcraft world. Just because Christianity took over the Western World and thus the English language grew out of that foundation doesn’t mean the word has to be tied to that particular religion, or at least I wish that were the way of things. I suppose maybe that is the reason it’s loaded. I consider my devotion, and path of my Gods to be my religion. There was a time that I didn’t want to connect myself to that term either. I equated religion with a structure I had no control over. But now I use the term because it does resonate with me, it speaks of the deep devotion that I hold to my Gods, and the resurrection of the ideals and virtues of their culture to the modern world as an American witch. The word religion encompasses all that, I have yet to find another word that suits it so. We all have to find the words that speak to us, and then in many ways have to find other words to translate to the people around us. To me religion is my world view, my cultural perspective, my spiritual beliefs, my ethics, my priorities, all rolled up in one. It is because of my religion, that I have a dedication to my community, and helping them foster growth and reaching new people. It is because of my religion that value hospitality, honor, courage, justice, productivity, and a whole slew of other virtues. It is because of my religion that I believe in Heroic Morality, for me it is what you DO, not what you do not do. And it is for my religion that I need to carve out more time.

So the chilly wonderful autumn wind blows through my house (I have opened every window and sit slightly cold just to feel it), and I sit at my computer and type out my plans. My wants, my visions, that currently have no platform. I have already dedicated myself to a task this year, they’ll have to wait. But it’s probably for the best. Give me time to stew them up proper. When I have my house, I’ll be able to do things right and proper, to their full scale. With standing stones, designed and erected by my own hands, with a fire pit, water, trees, and the light of the sun, moon, and stars. To be able to connect to Land and Sky, unfettered.

Till then we’ll work up to it. Right and proper within my means. More worship. Simple heartfelt offerings, a song/chant/story in their honor, and feasting. If I plan now, I could have four feast of worship this coming year. Start small, grow bigger. One to the Great Chieftain, to the Keeper of the Waves, for the Ancestors and Local Spirits, to the Great Queen.

See now that I’ve told you all, I have to do it 😉



  1. Yes! Feasts! Many feasts!

    When I have a living situation suitable for hosting, there will be feasts over here… at least three… no four. More like three and a drinking night. 😉 Guess which gets which?

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