The New Time

Let me set the stage. A magical house, expansive, comfortable, lush. Candles lit on every altar, most every wall. The scents of pasta, cheese, soup, and bread mingle with the chiming of bottles pouring wine. Laughter, throaty deep and beautiful laughter fills the corners and makes the house expand with pride. A dozen stunning bright and vibrant women sit around the food laden table and lounge on floor and chair. Cats scuttle and a baby toddles from smiling aunty to smiling aunty. It is a gathering of the Tribe, the meeting of the minds. Women from different walks of life, different personal practices and professions, bound together in sisterhood. Working to help support one another, working to crave out a space in the world for women to find their spirituality and the mysteries within.

The topic comes up, to something this bunch of techno-savy, social media ladies have all seen and noticed with fervor. More and more stories, horror stories, of the wave of anti-abortion laws being seen throughout the country. These bills that get us closer and closer to the reality of women being criminally charged for loosing a pregnancy. These bills also introduce the gateway for banning birth control. With Presidential candidates like Rick Santorum who has openly come out against birth control : “Many of the Christian faith have said, well, that’s okay, contraception is okay. It’s not okay. It’s a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.” But it doesn’t just stop at the political level. We have a rampant blame the rape victim mentality, and the kicker for this discussion; the latest diagnosis of “mass hysteria” in upstate New York. Maybe it’s always been this bad, maybe there is a wave to get women under control. All that mattered in that sacred space was that we ALL noticed, and didn’t like what we saw.

It should be no surprise that a house of witches, decided a ritual was needed, days before the Leo Full Moon. But this would be a different ritual, one shared. Shared as much as possible and to as many as would take it up. The Mother of the New Time was created. Fueled by a desire to make change happen, to have a better world. We made magic the way that we knew how to make magic. But imagine if it went further? Imagine if others look on the Mother of New Time and not just pass it up because it’s not how they do magic. But took up the cause and made their magic? What if those who don’t cast spells, took it up in prayer and petitions? What if groups of all kinds and all paths under this umbrella of Paganism took this as a start and ran with it. Every full moon people of all creeds taking the time and the care to set the intention for a better future for all. The energetic wave would be awe inspiring.

More than that, the chain of events would lead to real change. We set forth with our spiritual intention every full moon to the end of 2012. The moon then becomes a focus and reminder to wake up and take notice. Suddenly that news article you read, reminds you to pay special attention to that issue during the rite. You find yourself paying more attention to the news. You start to look into whether or not your candidates and representatives are supporting those ideals that you care about and pray for. It’s election year, you have a list of what is important to you, how you want the world to change. You can use that to help navigate the candidates , issues, the propositions.  It becomes a part of your working mind, you make choices with your pocket book, with your voice. The ritual then is a wake up to be present in the shaping of the future! That is power. That is how change happens.

Sisters, Brothers, People of the world and internet, if you feel called to this work in anyway, I encourage you to do so.

There is a crispness to the air, a crackling to the sounds, that denotes power. The full and glorious moon softly emanates light dancing in and out of the wispy silken clouds. I have made ready my altar. Washed it’s surfaces and blessed it’s space with love and oil. I make myself ready for the work ahead. Cool clean holy water for my Green Spring, my work is for the betterment of this land. The caress of sweet smoke across my skin, my work is for the future of all. I give rites to my Gods, to watch over me, to watch over this work, to bless it with their wisdom and strength. I give rites to the Ancestors, to hear me, to hear all others who join, to join their voices. I make offering to this land, and to this country. At this nexus of powers, spirits, and time, I dream of the future.

My amazonite stone sits on the pedestal of the serpent. A stone of truth, of justice. A spirit of transformation, of wisdom. Atop the heart of humanity. It is with beating hearts that change will come. I pour libation over the little stone, an offering to it’s spirit to be my ally in this working. I explain to it the purpose, the intent, and it’s part. Careful to be very clear of it’s ultimate fate. With permission and blessing, I take the little stone in my mouth and anoint it with my spit and voice. Cupped and cherished in my hands I let the words wash over it.

I dance at the edge of the world
Like my ancestresses before me
I am a sacred vessel
My blood is indomitable
Cradling the now at my breast
Nurturing the future unfolding
There is nothing to fear
I am a Mother of the New Time

There was more magic to be made that night, more words to be chanted. Till far into the witching hour the candles burned. But in that moment, there started something new.

May it continued to be shaped in love, honor, and truth.


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