Little bit of Epic

A Little bit of Epic: Halloween Edition

It’s been a long while since I have seen a video on the interwebs that has made me think it was worthy of being posted in my little bit of Epic portions. But my older brother should me this very talented fellow while on vacation and then lo he appears again in my feed with a pretty amazing Halloween Thriller video.

So Happy Hauntings everyone, and enjoy!


A Little Bit of Epic to get us going!

Hello there! No I have not abandoned this blog. You will be seeing some posts here in the next few weeks. There has been a lot of crafting going on that I will lovingly show off once the gifts have been given. In the meanwhile if you’re jones’n for this not so witty repartee then you can hop on over to my Tumblr where I post more frequently in smaller tid-bits for my amusements and hopefully yours too.

In the meanwhile I present you all with a this little bit of Epic.

A little bit of Epic

Poor blog, how you languish. Yet life has been coming too fast and hard to sit in front of the wordpress and diatribe about the mystical happenings of my world. It’s ok though little blog, there are posts that will get written and soon. Projects up the pipe-line that will get debuted! So much to look forward to. May is coming! Our favorite month of the year. So sit tight little blog, I’ll pamper and oil you up in the next few days.

In the meantime a little piece of Epic to set the mood for the things to come.

A little bit of Epic

Because I’m frustrated this morning, because I’ve been working really hard at boring responsibility stuff. Because I have three blog posts in various states of completion. Because sometimes you just need some geeky showtunes to make your day better.

I present to you John Barrowman, the infamous Captain Jack Harkness, singing the Doctor and I