Brigid’s Holy Day

As I posted in my last blog, I was part of a group celebration of Brigid on the 1st of February. It was delightful.

For most of the day I was working, so I could not do my usual activities of reverence for Brigid, such as cheese making. However working at the amazing Sacred Well, I was able to utilize our Community Altar room and set out a water offering a candle for Brigid for the day. I also took the liberty of listening to Celtic music pretty much exclusively all day lol. But I eagerly look forward to the end of the day and the small ritual that was planned by our Brigid priestesses.

Under the cloak of darkness by the light of the bountiful full moon our small band of mischief and heart took to the bay, to a much favored spot known by our Cauldron sister Rowan. The moon was a glorious galleon on the foggy sea, luminous and steady. The rocks stood in silent witness as we gathered there on the liminal edge of space and time. The grey cloaked sky melted seamlessly with it’s loving tranquil sea. We had a few items to set up our altar. A bowl filled with precious water collect in that silvery moonlight. Candles to glow, small and cheerful echoing the powerful light above them. Apples and bottles of precious spirits for offerings.

Hail the Lady of fire and spirit. The Exulted One

Hail the Lady of fire and spirit. The Exulted One

We gave thanks and offerings to the three realms for their continued balance in our lives. Our leading Priestess made a heartfelt invocation to her beloved Lady Brigid that pulled down moonbeams on the water and parted the veils to swell our hearts with the power and love of the exulted goddess Brigid. We had gathered petitions and gave offerings on others behalves as well as ourselves. During that quiet time of whispered wishes and tearful prayers, our words were met with the gift of sea birds landing gently on the water. When prayers of health and well being for loved ones trembled from our lips a flock of geese flew out from the bay with hushed grace.

Brigid's Holy day 2015 (2)As our last words of humble reverence and honorings were raised up to the sky, our toes felt the moist touch of the sea that swelled up to meet us. As the tide took out the apples on their playful hands, we dipped out cloths in the waters blessed by Brigid and hurried back to firm ground.

There were many words spoken in sacred communion. Above all we lifted each others name in gratitude and praise and heaped glory upon the Lady of Well and Forge. Our small cauldron of five powerful women prove that with sincerity and devotion much can be accomplished. The rest of the year lays ahead of us, and we fully intend to prove ourselves worthy to be priestesses of our beloved gods. No matter how the year changes, we have made a wonderful start. I am very proud of us.

When I returned home, I had enough energy to set out my cloths and things to be blessed by Brigid that night and light a candle for her. In the morning I tended to my altar and poured her another offering of milk and honey, and set the flowers I had bought in her honor in the Cup of Glory. Simple and yet complete.

A linen shawl made by my grandmother. A cotton cloth made by me. A hair bauble given to me by my dear friend that was bought in Ireland.

A linen shawl made by my grandmother. A cotton cloth made by me. A hair bauble given to me by my dear friend that was bought in Ireland.

No matter what your celebrations looked like, I hope that you are blessed with health and joy at this time of year. May we all feel the hope that spring and the goddess of inspiration can grant us.

Brigid's Holy day 2015 (4)

To Brigid

Cauldron of the Celts – Sacred Calendar Year – Brigid’s Holy Day

Being a Gaelic Polytheist that does not currently have a Gaelic Polytheist community at hand, I spend a lot of my time and effort being a public priestess in a interfaith pagan coven known as CAYA Coven as I have found the community aspect to be so very enriching to my life and practice. Over the years CAYA has grown to the point where we can now group off into devotional affinity groups of priestesses that share a deity or culture or other grouping. One such groups that I am apart of is the Cauldron of the Celts. All of us publicly dedicated to deities that fall under the “Celtic” umbrella. Currently that means Irish and Romano-Breton but in future could include Gaulish, Welsh and so on. Being a multi-faith group means that everyone is coming from a different angle as far as practice and so forth but I have to say that it has been refreshing to have more people to talk about the lore and cultural background of things, as well as be able to share our devotions and put on some truly wonderful rites for the gods.

In that vein we have collective decided it would be a good idea to start a Sacred Calendar year for the group, with a holy day selected for each of our dedicated deities. Understanding that nothing about this is particularly Gaelic but a more modern adaptation to further foster reverence and honor to the gods. It also provides an opportunity to share with the wider community, and be of service. With that being said the first day of reverence this year starts with Brigid, and below is a humble offering for all those who feel called to partake.

To Brigid

Cauldron of the Celts Sacred Calendar Year – Brigid’s Holy Day 2/1/15

The Cauldron of the Celts, a multi-faith devotional group within CAYA Coven, is endeavoring to establish our Sacred Calendar Year. Each priestess is publicly dedicated to a deity who falls under the wide “Celtic” umbrella and has chosen a date on our modern calendar year to be a day of reverence to their deity. In an effort to connect with other devotees and be of service to the public we share this calendar and some of our own workings, that we may all raise up the Gods names in honor.

Our calendar year begins with Brigid’s holy day on Feb 1st.

The priestesses of Brigid, Foxfire Kells and Doyenne Rowan, invite you to send us any petitions you wish to make before the goddess and we will offer them to her in supplication and gratitude on her holy day. You may email them at

Below are a few words from the priestesses of Brigid:

Imbolc is celebrated in honor of the goddess Brigid between January 31st and February 2nd; the name of the holy day comes from the Old Irish imbolg or oimelc, meaning “in the belly,” referring to the season of lambing and ewe’s milk. Brigid emerges from the silence of winter to herald the coming of spring and new life and growth; she is also a goddess of the forge, of the hearth, of poetry and inspiration, and of healing. Her symbols include lambs or sheep,  wells, writing implements, acorns, apples, milk, snowdrops and crocuses, and, of course, fire.

Imbolc falls during the Celtic tree month (a neo-pagan construct based on Robert Grave’s interpretation of the ancient symbolic language of ogam) of Luis (lweesh), which is the Gaelic name for the rowan tree, so one activity you can do is to make a protection charm of 2 crossed rowan twigs bound with red thread. For more information about the history of the Rowan and red thread charm you can find a incredibly thorough article here.

Another one of Her traditions is to leave out cloth or clothing to be blessed by Brigid on Imbolc, often to be used for healing and protection purposes for the following year. Given the current events happening, Her face of healing is very clearly one that is needed in the world and in our community.

To welcome and honor Brigid into your home and life, you may wish to perform the following ritual:

Lay out a white or yellow cloth
Place a white candle in the center
Arrange around the candle 3 acorns and/or apples, a small bowl of fresh water (spring water or melted snow is ideal), a sprig of juniper, and a small bundle of wool roving.
Prepare an offering plate with a piece of bread spread with soft cheese and a drizzle of honey, and some apple slices.

Light the candle and contemplate what new projects or endeavors you want to nurture this year. How will you tend to these goals? How will you tend to yourself? What parts of yourself or your life are beginning to emerge with the Spring? How do you keep the fires of your creativity and motivation burning as the year wears on?  Do you make space in your life for pleasure and the warmth of family (however you define it)?

Say a prayer or sing a song to Brigid to bring her into the room.
Feel free to use or adapt this prayer, as you wish:

My good lady Brigid,
I call upon you to light the fire of inspiration in my heart,
to warm my hearth and burn away the cold shroud of winter,
just as the snowdrops burn through the frozen ground to burst forth in flower
and give the promise of renewal.

My good lady Brigid,
I offer you my devotion and gratitude
for the many ways you bring joy and beauty to life in the world.
May my lips ever sing your praises and my hands bring comfort and healing;
ever may the embrace of my favour glorify your name.

Offer Brigid the bread with cheese & honey and the apples, for sweetness and sustenance.

Dip the juniper sprig in the water you have charged and asperge your house to bless and protect you in the coming year.

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Cauldron of the Celts 2015 Sacred Calendar Year:
Feb 1st – Brigid’s Holy Day
March 19th – Sulis Minerva’s Holy Day
June 21st – Honoring of the Selkie
August 1st – Lugh’s Holy Day
August 9th – An Dagda’s Holy Day

Altar of Bone and Flame

Hello little blog, it’s been a while. I find that frequently I just get wrapped up in the real world, or my own mind that leaves little room for things like blogging. But never fear, I always come back. Eager to share, and eager to continue transcribing my spiritual adventures. 

As it’s been a while I thought it would be a nice way to ease back into things by sharing photos from my recently cleaned altar. There are to be many projects, and much blogging on the horizon. This blog will get a face lift amoungst other things. But that is another post for another time. 

For the now I’d like to say how much I love my winter altars. They just come together so much easier. The bones, the stones, the furs, and wood. It all just sings in harmony and I love it. In spring and summer I feel the lack of color, the lack of being outside on a green hill in the open sky. But in winter, it is all stark and wonderfully homey. The bones I leave out all year round, they are spring and summer bones as well. But in winter they take center stage. Wonderful in their off white glory. Warmed to yellow in the flame. 









There is something about candlelight that just makes an altar connect. It’s hard to capture in photos, at least it’s hard for me but still. The illumination of the flame has always connected to me. I think of it as the light of the human soul. There is something incredibly comforting and familiar while at the same time foreign and mystical about it. 

I arise today
Through The Gods strength to pilot me;
The Dagda’s might to uphold me,
The Dagda’s wisdom to guide me,
The Morrighan’s eye to look before me,
The Morrighan’s ear to hear me,
Manannan’s word to speak for me,
Anu’s hand to guard me,




The Gods way to lie before me,
The Morrighan’s shield to protect me,
The Dagda’s hosts to save me
Afar and anear,
Alone or in a mulitude.
Gods shield me today
Against wounding


The Gods with me, The Gods before me, The Gods behind me,
The Sea around me, The Land beneath me, The Sky above me,
My Beloved Dead on my right, My Beloved Dead on my left,
The Ancestors when I lie down, The Ancestors when I stand,


The Dagda be in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
The Morrighan be in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
The Spirits be in the eye that sees me,
Imbas in the ear that hears me.

I arise today
Through the mighty strength
Of my beloved Gods, of the Valiant Dead, and all that came before.

 – Prayer adapted from Carmina Gadelica St. Patrick’s Breastplate  

Into the Wilds

Oh internet. When I am right. I am totally right. You remember in my last post where I went on about how I was stuck in a bubble and needed to get out into nature more, that was after all were my spirituality is.

Yeah, totally 100% right on the money.  We went camping, and I am feeling so amazing. It was just so fucking good. It felt so refreshing even tho it really could have gone better lmao. That’s the thing it’s just that good.

The Lumberjack has taken some time off before Labor Day and we decided to go camping for one of the days. We had heard about a remote camping site near-ish by from a friend and decided to take a chance on it (since our regular camping locations are a 4 hr drive away). We settled on one night, since we weren’t sure if we would like the location. They were all hike-in camp spots on a state park. Generally we are not state-park people. The Lumberjack grew up in National Forest locations so the restrictions and “Disney-land” attitude of state parks do not mingle well with his rugged outdoors attitude and hermit nature. But we had heard good things, and figured that everyone would be going camping on Labor Day not before. So we pulled out the old camping gear and hit the road.

Some handy tips for future reference. When a state park says “slightly uphill” they mean UPHILL. No slightly about it.

If there is a long way and a short way, go the long way it is flatter and more enjoyable.

Invest in good hiking shoes.

Overall we were silly and took the “short” “slightly uphill” trail to the camp site going in. Needless to say it was not that much shorter and the uphill was really really hard. Especially since I have only just started working out again and was carrying something like 40lbs. Granted that was nothing compared to the Lumberjack who was carrying the majority of our stuff which was easily 90lbs. We were very out of breath and very hot. BUT I didn’t get woozy at all, which means that my increased hydration has worked, woot!

I think it took us an hour to hike in and set up and then we went straight to the beach. The campsite was only 200 meters from the beach and you could hear the waves pounding. It was glorious. Glorious and empty and amazing and cool and everything we needed.

Point Reyes Aug 2013


There wasn’t anyone on the beach for as far as the eye could see! In either direction!

Point Reyes Aug 2013 (12)


I’d never experienced anything like it. Despite having just walked 2 miles one of which up hill with crazy weight we then spent the next several hours walking the beach.  Happily, delightedly, without any hint of being too tired.  In fact it was just relaxing and joyful.

In fact that was the big thing about this whole trip. Even tho this was the most exercise I have done in a very very long time, even tho I was lifting more weight than I thought I could, and walking for longer, and just being sweaty and just working. None of it made me feel even an ounce as tired as the stupid video I’d been doing. None of it made me complain and whine. And even tho I know that over the last 48 hours we might have barely gotten our 2,000 calories in a day and the food was no where near as delicious as I usually eat. Neither of us felt like we were starving. We weren’t unsatisfied and scavenging for something else to eat. We were happily eating out sausage and bread. We were happy just to be out and about and in the quiet. Happy to sleep on the hard ground and hear the ocean waves.

I was elated that I managed the physical feats I accomplished without getting light headed, without getting dehydrated, without any issues at all! I was strong enough. I worked hard enough and my reward was witnessing and reveling in this glorious beach.

Immediately I wanted to hold ritual out there lol. You can get a day fire permit for the beach and it’s just all too tempting. A bonfire ritual with the cliffs and the waves and not surrounded by people? Glorious. Of course I still need to figure out who exactly would be willing to trek in with me. But the Lumberjack and I have figured that the best way to go is the long way which is flat and is bike accessible. We’re going to get some bikes so that next time we can bike the gear in. Lot easier and much more practical to get a load of firewood out there by bike. Still not sure who I’d want and would want to go out there, But we’ll see. I know that the Lumberjack and I are going back that is for sure.

Of course it also brought to light some of the mundane things that need getting put to right before such trips can be a regular thing. Mainly the Truck and getting it fixed for good. So we will be focusing on that in the up coming months.

Unfortunately the Lumberjack tripped getting out of the tent that night and sprained his ankle. Which was not great at all. But we had an ace bandage in the kit (always be prepared) and being the tough hard headed person he is we still found our way down to the beach in the dark of night. It was foggy and dense, the waves magnified and much louder now that the sun was long since gone. Standing there on the beach only a few other pin pricks of light appearing and disappearing along the coast line, it felt heavy and ominous. There was no horizon. Just the waves and the nothing.  It was the edge of the world. It had that very real “The End is nigh” feeling to it. I imagine that beach has seen many ends and many beginnings and will see many more yet to come. Because that is the essence of the sea on this planet.

We slept blissfully despite the rocks, and even tho I had a brief odd nightmare in which the Lumberjack had to wake me, it was weirdly peaceful. I don’t remember much about the dream except conversing with a large shadow beast with multiple yellow red eyes peering down through the window of our tent. When I awoke I wasn’t frightened like I usually am. The air wasn’t heavy with energy despite my heart still pumping. It felt very much like it was there and I was there and the Lumberjack pulled me out of there and now we’re here and it can’t be here. I accept that sentence doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but there you have it.

The next morning we woke to the fog rolling over the hill. We lit up the BBQ and made a humble breakfast of oatmeal, coffee, and the remainders of bread and cheese. Merrily chomping and planning our next adventure. A couple of nights, what food to bring, getting the fire permit. Then coffee in hand we walked down to the beach for one last goodbye. Peaceful and enveloped in mist.

I have to take the time to brag about how amazing the Lumberjack is. The man is a machine. He twisted his ankle. It was visible swollen. Yet without a complaint, without an issue he took some painkillers, we packed up the site and then he hiked out the 3 mile trek with the same 90 lbs on his back. Insane. Somehow he is healing perfectly fine. The swelling stopped and is now going down. Doesn’t seem to be in much pain, other than soreness.

I have to say internet. I am happy. I am happy for my love. I am happy that we both enjoy the outdoors. I am happy to be able to go on adventures. I love the feeling of things starting to come together. The feeling of balance.

So over all internet things are starting to look up at least spiritually.

A while ago my main altar got a revamp under some interesting circumstances, which you can check out over on my Tumblr if you so desire.

And the horizon?

Well there is a Dark Moon approaching which means another trip to the sea with the lovely Temple. Then there is the quickly approaching coven Harvest Home retreat. So a lot on the horizon. Stay tuned my lovelies.

The “Pagan Community”

“…there is no such thing as the ‘Pagan Community'”

“a Pagan is someone who believes (xyz).”

“The pagan community is full of haters and people spewing negativity.”

“The pagan community is full of fluffy bunnies and ignorant New Agers.”

These notions and notions similar are being played on continuous loop around me these day. There is just a few things I would like to clear up, in respect to this blog, my tumblr, and really any sort of interaction you may have with me. Because I do talk about “the Pagan Community” here and elsewhere. So evidently I do believe that there is such a creature. More than that I have a lot of investment and care for the Pagan Community, it is the main ingredient in my public priestessing. Without it I would not be a priestess. I mean sure, I’d still do what I do, and honor my gods, and honor the spirits and ungods, and work my craft, and live my life. But the pagan community, and the needs it has is in part what keeps me to being a public priestess. I will attempt to show you what I mean when I say “the Pagan Community” and what I think of when I hear it.

Recently my High Priestess pondered aloud to me whether or not “Pagan” was the right label, as it is such a mixed bag of cats. And really as an umbrella term it really doesn’t describe anything, since those who fall under it are not of the same religion. I agree with this, and I think is the first step towards the community actually becoming more useful to itself. The definition of “pagan” in the “Pagan Community”, really only is: that you are someone who identifies as a pagan, usually a follower of a minority faith or secular path that falls outside of the identified acceptable norm. It doesn’t really signify anything else. There is no inherent doctrine tied into the word, and to date even the notion that it is a religion that is not Judeo-Christian or Abrahamic is outdated and un-useful.   I know. Now we are wandering into the land where words can grow past their origin and finite dictionary meanings, but that’s how things work for me.

So if the ‘pagan’ in Pagan Community is so broad and without boundaries, where no one believes the same thing then what is the ‘community’? The community is one of interfaith. It is countless different paths, traditions, religions, faiths, individual people, who all believe different things, but who all willing identify with one another in order to help move forward in the Judea-Christian religious dominated society that we live in. Minorities within a minority choosing to help each other out and dare I say, possibly learn something from one another. Not for any dogmatic code of spreading “the good word”. Just out of the shared experience of purposefully choosing one of the paths least traveled and all the complications that come with that.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s the entirety of it for me. It is all that I need to understand to want to put my shoulder under this yoke and help plow the field for a new cultural shift. It is the simple connection that allows me to speak to so many people who may not even know what they believe but want information and be able to point them in various different directions to the amazing people that I have the privilege to call friend, to call community.

Ultimately, the Pagan Community is a diverse and unboxable as the American community. There will never be able to be a story that full captures all the opinions and sides, never a quote that covers the immensity of it. There will never be enough “leaders” or “elders” to speak on it’s behalf (and that’s a good thing). It is a community where participation guides it’s direction. Where homogeneity is never going to be the answer or the goal. Where understandings have to be met from different playing fields. And above all where respect for fellow man is needed.

Are there still going to be people who adamantly refuse the label “pagan”? Of course, and that is their right. There will still be people who think it’s a bad idea, and that there is no room for them. The thing about the Pagan Community, is that you get to identify with it or not. We’ll still be doing the same work (even when none of us are doing the same thing at all) and I pray that it will make a positive impact on the cultural of our society for everyone. Even those who want nothing to do with it.

-A Pagan American Gaelic Polytheist witch

Pilgrimage for Holy Water

photos taken by Rowan Wilde

Holy Water is one of those things that every witch should just have on hand. While I’m sure that I could actually get my hands on some Christian “Holy Water” blessed by a priest and all that (and probably will when the Lumberjack and I start making our super cool Victorian Vampire Hunting Kit), that isn’t the type of Holy Water I am referring to. The Witch of Forest Grove has an excellent post outlining some of the different multi-cultural historical presence of Holy Water and also how to make it, what waters do what, some ways to use it. Very well written, well-studied article, go check it out!

For me personally, I use it for cleansing of the home (especially after a bought of illness), for cleansing of new magical items, cleansing myself before deep trance work, and having on hand to make connection to the otherworld. Some of my traveling friends have been so kind as to bring me back Holy Waters from around the world, that get used on special occasions. I have a lovely collection from Ireland that I cherish and use when needed. Bridgit’s Well water saved my poor little rosemary bush that was dying. Well her water and her guardianship I’m sure.

In any event I have some pretty big magical workings on the horizon and horror of horrors I was out of my favorite Holy Water. Time to go on a pilgrimage!

I highly suggest that if at all possible that people take the time to court their local spirits. And in so doing find and make a connection to their own holy rivers, wells, and springs. In my experience it grounds your magical workings, and gives them more of a focal point, while allowing you to continue to aid in strengthening your own connection to the world around you. So my favorite Holy Water comes from the water of my own Blessed Creek (I lived in the south where rivers were the size of multiple football fields I have a hard time calling the things around here rivers). I’m sure it has a name, as a state trail runs right along it, but it’s always remained mysteriously hidden from me, so perhaps the creek isn’t too fond of it lol. I simply know it as the Creek, or the Green creek.

The Lumberjack and I found this little hidden trail in the rainy months of winter when things were very bad at home and escape and our little Izuzu truck was all we had. We’d pack up a bag of sandwiches and go exploring the coast along Highway 1, just to be out of the house and away.  We were very pleased to find this little tucked away trail. The beginning of which is right off the freeway but in such a place that it gets few visitors. The end of which we have yet to discover. We hiked the trail for hours reaching the point of the moss covered stone steps and going as far up them as my little legs would take me.  Interestingly enough we’d discover more people going in the opposite direction as us the farther along we got. It is still my hypothesis that those mysterious stairs lead to the state park woods somehow.

photo taken by Nancy Kerr

That was years ago, and since then I’ve often returned. Leaving gifts, drinking in the beauty of it all, finding the serenity. At some point it just became my holy creek, the waters are so clean and clear, nothing else will do. Would that it weren’t an actual state park trail otherwise I’d happily bath in it lol. It’s one of those places I show to few. But those few need to see it. This trip I gathered up my trusty companions Rowan Wilde, and Nancy Kerr to walk the green way and gather up the blessed water (and to take photos because I always forget to). It’s a beautiful drive, and the trail was deliciously moist when we got there. We stopped to pay homage to the Gaurdian (a rather impressive moss and fern covered boulder that sits at the entrance to the trail. He’s a kind sort that likes to be admired). We walked the trail spying plants (Rowan has a much keener more knowledgeable eye for these things than I), both of them stopping to take pictures and me just being content. We went all the way to the stone steps and up to the first platform before turning back around. It was on the return trip that was stopped for the mission of our adventure. Water.

At the point where the fallen living redwood King makes a bridge over the nymph pool is where the water is collected. It is an amazing little oasis on an already stunning green trail. So between the two large boulders, in the little nook on the Otherside of the creek, I laid out my offering. An apple, a token of my love. Rosemary, a pledge of love and protection, cornmeal for sustenance, drizzled in Aes Sidhe elixir made last Midsummer.

Once honors were paid, prayers were said. It was time to catch my water.

photo taken by Rowan Wilde


photo taken by Nancy Kerr

One bright beautiful clear bottle of blessed Green Creek water. To be taken home and divided up. One part had my silver ring added to it and sat on my windowsill soaking up the power of the full moon. The other part got my silver emerald heart ring, my hunk of garnet, and a jade ring, also soaked up that delicious full moon energy. Big plans, my friends. Big plans.

Until next time!


Cleaning the Altar

Yesterday, or yester-evening to be more precise, I decided to do the unthinkable (tho thought about often) and clean out the storage in my altar. As you can see above I’m a lucky witch/pagan in that my altar comes with storage. My altar was my grandmothers dressing table, a present from her sons, and something I deeply coveted my whole little life. I don’t know that I ever imagined it would be an altar but holy hell does it make an awesome one. But you see I’m not the most organized girl in the world and would just throw my bits and pieces in whatever drawer it would fit and call it a day. Which you know works in a way, but is well…problematic when you are CONSTANTLY being called on to bring this and that to ritual or have a very large coven that has a plethora of needs at any given moment. So the time had come to empty them out and make them nice. And I was excited!

And then I was surrounded by mess and not excited. lol I don’t have a whole lot of stamina for these things and cleaning out the altar meant cleaning out the overflow storage and retrieving the items that weren’t in the altar because there was other crap in it but should be in the altar, and well you get the picture. It became an ordeal. It involved several breaks. The Lumberjack came in and shook his head in dismay, muttering something traitorous about “putting things away in the first place”. There was whining, and the  realization that half my supplies are in fact still in a box in the closet(Argh!). But thru this all I preserved! The result of which is this ridiculous picture heavy post lol. Personally I like looking thru other peoples stuff thus I’m forcing you all to look thru mine.

Top Left Hand Drawer

Practical things

First we have the top left hand drawer. The Practical Things drawer. Here you find scissors, gluesticks, notepaper, bags, graveyard dirt, ink, indigo powder, a bowl of keys, various magic bits to tie things.

Left Second Drawer

Things to use

This is the second left hand drawer. I’m sure the title makes no sense to anyone but me, but this is the draw of Things to use. Chalices, warding staves, skull markers, pens, various magical papers, feathers, containers, charms.

left bottom drawer

The candle drawer

The bottom left drawer. Fairly self explanatory, the Candle drawer. Not all the candles obviously, but the ones most often in need of refilling, the tea light, and little charm candles.

top right hand drawer

The Ingredients drawer

The top right hand drawer. The Ingredient drawer. The place for the oils, the sacred waters, the bowl of various leaves/rocks/twigs/feathers/offering bits, the incense, sacred charcoal, and fur tid bits.

Second right hand drawer

Tools for witchcraft

The second right hand drawer with Tools for witchcraft. My style lol. My bags of ogham staves, runes (stone, antler, & wood), the Alder limb box, another magical box, drift wood, Morrighan war paint, a lil’ mirror, a scrying mirror, and a blessing marker.

The right hand bottom drawer

Odds and botkins

Last and least the bottom right hand drawer, the odds and botkins drawer. Place for bowls, a bottle of the 1st storm of 2010 water, mysterious key book.

I’m glad I did it,  things will be nice and easy for now. As an added bonus I also rearrange the ancestor altar. Took down the spring/summer flowers, because yesterday was also the first day that we bought harvest/halloween decor! After Lughnasadh it’s very very hard for me to focus on anything except “Samhain is coming!”.

The Ancestor Altar

Samhain is coming!

Samhain is coming!

Well folks, this completes our tour of the crazy ladies altar drawers. Thank you for joining us, join us next time for more random frivolous self-indulgent posts. And remember make it Epic. *cheesy 1950’s disneyland music*