The Feast of the Dagda


Heart and Harvest Dagda Feast (2)

For several years now I have been wanting to hold a feast in honor of the Dagda. Several different variations went through my mind, but for whatever reason they just never came to past. Then in my public priestess community of CAYA Coven I was presented with the opportunity to lead a ritual feast in his honor. Even more exciting this could be an outdoor feast! Early in the year I started plotting out the best way to introduce the Good God to a group of people who may or may not have ever heard of him. How best to honor his name and ensure a good time had by all.

Luckily I had an amazing crew, all of the initiates who are training to be public clergy in CAYA. They all went above and beyond and put such heart into their work it was really touching.

We were gathered in one of my favorite parks where there lives a 100 year old Oak tree. A wonderful tree that I sadly did not get to go visit this trip but love none the less. We spent the day grilling and playing games. Coconut shotput and Tug of Way being the highlights. I had originally dreamed of having a whole pig to roast for the feast but alas my budget at present did not allow for it. However I did go out and purchase the biggest shoulder pork roast I could from the local butcher, ethically sources and top quality. I decided to start cooking it the night before to ensure that it would be done in time for the Feast, and would finish it off over the open flames basting it in fresh apple juice. I have to say that I think it turned out delicious and since there were literally no leftovers and many folks asking for seconds, I think that is a far judgement lol. I will be making that pork again once I get a grill here at the house.

I kept telling myself that it would be a small crowd. Our outdoor rituals are usually smaller more 30-40 people than our indoor rituals that get more 60-80 people. Yet I was surprised, we had quite a turn out! I didn’t do an official head count but I think we were in the 50-60 range. Yet with great joy we made room for all. With equal joy we had more than enough food. There is nothing so sad as a feast where there isn’t enough food for people to eat their fill. And at a Dagda feast? Unthinkable!

There was a fire that was kindled with prayers and juniper burnt upon it for blessing. Offerings were made to the Dagda by all with wonderful words of praise spoken with adoration. There was beer and water on every table. The first round was served, food for everyone and then the stories began. They were tales of hospitality and lessons being generous. Songs were sung and the guitar AND violin played. Seconds and third helpings were served along with a delicious tasty dessert. Divination was cast to see if our offerings were received well and with blessing and what the next months held for the community.  There was much laughter, much conversation, and much enjoyment

I was so pleased and still am. For a public feast I do not think it could have gone any smoother. Thank you again to anyone who attended, to all the lovely people who pitched in and helped to make this dream a reality. Thanks to my beloved Dagda for continuing to teach me the ways of leadership, hospitality and enjoying the lust for life. May I continue to bring you honor and raise your name high. Looking forward to sharing more celebrations and joy with the community and for continued joy in devotion to the Good God.

Heart and Harvest Dagda Feast (1)


Heart and Harvest Dagda Feast - 5



Heart and Harvest Dagda Feast - 3


Wisdom of the serpent be
Wisdom of bull be thine,
Wisdom of valiant eagle.
Voice of swan be thine,
Voice of honey be thine
Voice of the Shining Youth.
Bounty of sea be thine,
Bounty of land be thine
Bounty of the All Father, ever sustaining.

Adapted from the Carmina Gadelica


Summer heat is rising

Underneath it All by Zephyri

Underneath it All by Zephyri

The Morrighan is not good. The Morrighan is not evil. She is older than either of these constructs. She is. As the Earth is. This planet that has spawned humanity and all living things is a planet of hard and dangerous life. It is terrible and beautiful, and simply exists. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because we emerged on a planet where you can die from being exposed to the elements. Your survival is not guaranteed, even if you work hard for it, even if you become the best that you can be. Even now in your houses with electricity and all the comforts beyond basic survival, it is not guaranteed. Out of this harsh hostile environment, there is beauty, there is happiness, hell there is pure joy. That is the miracle of humanity. That is the miracle of life.

I cannot explain to you the intoxicating draw that the shadows and drums in the night call to me. I cannot explain the preference to have a thousand monstrous eyes upon you, to gasp in fear and anticipation. I cannot tell you why I will always choose this life and her. In the distance you can see the red glow of the fire, the baying of hounds and the promise of nothing more than to be forged and to live. No promise of safety, for she will give you none, no promise of fortune or glory. No promise even of happiness, for often there is none. There is only the promise of life and death and the possibility of becoming more than yourself.

I yearn for the times when I can run to the mad song, to hear and feel my heart beating in time with the drums. My bones colliding with solid earth and coming away sore and stronger for it. I yearn to thrash and fight and be bruised. To feel the pain of my mortal body and overcome it. To reach beyond it and laugh. To grin a wolf grin while blood hinders my eyesight. Those moments are few and fleeting, but worth it.

In the inbetween there are rules to uphold, orders to be kept holy. As a Priestess of the Great Queen it is my lesson to be unwavering. To strive for greater. It is a hard lesson. It is a lesson that I have asked for. And so I cannot sit at the feet of a Goddess who would take my head in her lap and comfort me. I will always choose to stand before my Goddess who looks with an eye of judgement. Ready to tear my skin from flesh should she find need or wanting. Who I would not pray to for healing, least the cure be worse than the cause. Who when I pray to for protection it is with the knowing that if it is my or my loved ones time to die she will not cast her hand out and keep them safe. But will instead lick the soul from their bodies as a predator licks the flesh from bone. Yet I am comforted by her presence, I am stirred by her energy and I long for more.

I can no easier explain why that pulls at my soul than why I prefer cheese to chocolate. It is a taste that I cannot do without.

I feel the Summer heat rising.

The drums in the distance grow…