Ah yes, the dreaded let’s talk about ME section. Some what ironic to detest this section and yet own a blog but such are the paradoxes of life.

For the purposes of this blog some things that you might want to know about me are:

I’m a Gaelic Polytheist. I consider myself to be an American Celt.  I practice intuitive witchcraft. I’m a public High Priestess. I have a morbid affinity with blades, warfare, bloody, dead things, bones, and generally stuff that makes my mother’s skin crawl. I’m an artist, occasional writer, and a storyteller. I believe in the power of fairytales that imprint themselves on our souls. I walk between the worlds and a dreamer of the fantastic. I’m wild, more than a little unrefined, blunt, decadent, and have been known to be a bit much for most people. I’m a complete and utter geek, and an out of shape jock. I’m an Amazon, a Barbarian and a Heathen Queen.

But the number one thing to know about me is that I love life. I love humanity. In all it’s messy tragic beautiful joyous packaging.

And that’s what this blog is about. Life. The bloody, grisly, shimmering, pulsating thing that cannot be explained or contained. It’s beyond society and civilzations. It’s primal. It just is.




    1. You’ll have to help me out here and jog my holiday addled brain as to what Queen thing you’re referring to lol. Could be it’s up and I’ll happily label it better, could be it’s not. If it’s not I’ll equally happily put it up, double so if I said that I would and just never did. XD But really I’m delighted that anyone wants to know anything, I’ll see if I can deliver 😉

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