The Horror Geek in me

This is going to be one of those post that wouldn’t fit in the old blog. It’s not spiritual, it’s not sewing, it’s one of those other pieces of me that I get excited and happy about and want to share none the less. Aren’t you all lucky?

You see my good people, shockingly enough I am a witch AND a horror fan. I know, how does the universe continue to exist with these paradoxes? I have to admit I was not always a horror fan. Hell, Darkness from Legend gave me nightmares as a child. But when you’re a kid and you don’t know what the fuck all that stuff moving in the dark and shadows are you just know they’re there every night it’s bound to freak you out. Now older, a little more morbid, and better equipped to know how to handle the things in the dark, I rather relish them than run away. But I freely admit it was my partner the Lumberjack and all around horror geek that turned me onto the movie genre.

Let me give you a little insight into my horror soaked world.

That my good people, is my Lumberjack’s collection. I’d say 95% of it is horror movies. From top notch stuff to B and below. The cheesey, the cult, and everything under the sun. We have such fine titles as Lair of the White Worm, The C.H.U.D. series, I Spit on you Grave, and Hard Rock Zombies just to name a very very few.

So you understand when I say, I’ve seen a LOT of movies. Some where in the stream of horrible acting, not meant to be funny movies, and good make-up effects was a little movie called Fright Night.

Now I’m sure you can visit countless Horror sites that can give in depth reviews on the year it came out and the acting in it and all that. This is not one of those sites, though I know that Lumberjack could recommend one or three hundred should you have need. What I will say is that I liked it. It was a wonderful 80’s Horror movie. Decent effects, cheesy lines, and that attitude and tone that only the 1980’s could provide. I cared about the characters and really that’s saying something with these films. In fact I look forward to re-watching it.

Why re-watch it? It’s a tradition of the household to watch the original of all films before going to see the remake. That’s right folks, the dead and broken machine that is Hollywood is continuing to try and cash in on cult hits of the 80’s. They failed MISERABLY with Night of the Demons , which is one of my all time favorite horror movies. Don’t even bother with the remake, it’s souless and pointless. But I hold out hope for the Fright Night remake. Why you ask?

Two words.

David Tennant.

One more word.


Ok so, that’s not the only reason I hold out hope. I admit to being a complete geek when it comes to the 11 and best Doctor. BUT the trailer also looks good. We will over look the fact that Collin Ferral is in the film as he plays and asshole vampire and surely that is the one role her can play well. The rest? It looks like good camp fun with an edge of gritty newness. In short I’m looking forward to it. I squealed like a middle school girl and then immediately tweeted, fbooked, and now blogged about it because it looked that good. Surely that means something right? Right?!

Oh well if nothing else I get to watch David Tennant kill vampire scum, and that my friends is worth the cost of the ticket any day.


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